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rates 2021 
Screening + intake + research
Physiotherapy treatment37,75
Physiotherapy treatment at home52,75
Manual therapy treatment52,50

Manual therapy treatment at home



terms and conditions

Treatment time is 30 minutes, including processing of administrative data by the physiotherapist. We aim to take one hour for a first appointment (Screening + Intake + Examination + Treatment).  If you are unable to attend, please cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance. If you do not keep an appointment, 75% of the treatment fee may be charged. Download the house rules and conditions here.


Physiotherapy is only reimbursed under the basic insurance for chronic indications, after the first 20 treatments. For all non-chronic indications, physiotherapy and manual therapy will be reimbursed if you have sufficient additional insurance. In that case, we will submit the claim to your health insurance company. If you have no or only partial supplementary insurance for physiotherapy, you will be sent the invoice for the non-reimbursed treatments yourself. Download the house rules and conditions here.



Most health insurance companies reimburse the treatment of physiotherapy or manual therapy in full or in part. Please check your insurance policy. You can check this on the website:

The practice is registered with the KNGF, NVMT and the Physiotherapy Quality Register. We therefore meet all the quality requirements set by the register. See and

The practice has contracts with all health insurers.


Fysiotherapie Bruin Waleson has developed a complaints procedure for its patients. Download the complaints procedure here.

House rules

In order to provide optimal service, physiotherapy bruin waleson has drawn up house rules and conditions. All patients of the practice automatically agree to these rules and conditions.

Download the house rules and conditions here.


Frequently asked questions

1. Do you have a contract with my health insurance company?
We have a contract with all health insurance companies.

2. How long does a treatment take?
One treatment lasts 30 minutes. Are you coming for the first time? Then we aim to take 60 minutes (Screening + Intake + Examination + Treatment).

3. Do I need a referral?
No, no referral is required, except if you are coming for treatment after a recent operation, another chronic indication or for ‘at home’ treatment.

4. What is a chronic indication?
A chronic indication is a condition designated by the government as chronic and will be reimbursed from the basic insurance after the 20th treatment. The first 20 treatments will be reimbursed from your supplementary insurance and if you do not have sufficient supplementary insurance, you will have to pay the bill yourself.

5. What are the rates if I am not insured for physiotherapy or manual therapy?
Check out our rates at the “information” tab.

MijnZorg app

From now on we use the ‘mijnzorg app’. Never forget your appointments and exercises again! The exercises that we discuss with you will be shown in the app through videos, you can always watch them back. You can set reminders so you never forget to do your exercises, this contributes to a faster recovery. In addition, you can always look back to see when and where you had an appointment. When you register you will receive your login details and you can get started right away!