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Mirjam Bruin

“Individual attention is the crux of the matter for me. Everyone has their own story. Listening to that is essential for recovery”. In 1985, Mirjam Bruin graduated from the then Academy of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam. After a period in paid employment, she started her own practice in 1990; since 2006 it is located in SportCity Wibautstraat, in the beautiful former Renault garage. She first came into contact with DAM-therapy (Three Dimensional Arthrokinematic Mobilisation) in 1999. She followed courses in it for years, also trained at the School of Manual Therapy in Utrecht and radically changed her treatment method. She is now a Master Manual Therapist. Mirjam is a passionate therapist who derives great satisfaction from her work.

Daan Waleson

 “I see it as my job to get you moving in a healthy way. Sport and exercise, at any level, is important for everyone. Together, we work towards a previously established goal to ensure that you can eventually function again without complaints.”

Daan is a physiotherapist and also a master manual therapist. In June 2016 he completed the Master of Science Manual Therapy at the SOMT. Within the practice he is mainly concerned with sports rehabilitation, spine related complaints, shoulder and knee complaints. Ever since he was a child he has enjoyed sports and exercise very much and he is ready to help everyone to enjoy it as much as he does.


– Member of the “RugNetwerk”

Thomas Ossenkoppele

“The human body fascinates me enormously. With great enthusiasm, I therefore try to get to the heart of your health problem in order to draw up an appropriate treatment plan. Getting you to function again without complaints is what gives me great satisfaction. Thomas is a physiotherapist and manual therapist in training. As a keen sportsman, he understands better than anyone how frustrating an obstruction in the locomotor system can be. Pain often plays an important role in this. Nevertheless, there are plenty of possibilities to move around with the aim of eventually being able to function pain-free.  Thomas likes to take on the challenge of guiding you through this. His affinity lies with orthopaedic complaints, spine related complaints and sports rehabilitation with knee injury in particular. Thomas also provides Dry Needling in our practice.


The practice of yoga gives many people a reduction in stress, an improvement in flexibility and the experience of quality of life. Injuries sometimes occur due to the various challenging postures. Often the yoga teacher knows how to adjust the posture in the lesson, but the injury keeps returning.

Mirjam has practised various forms of yoga since 1992 and has taken classes with various national and international teachers. She has assisted in medical yoga classes and taught anatomy at a yoga teacher training college. She is familiar with postures and the mobility required of your body in yoga. Therefore she will be able to understand, treat and prevent any injury that may prevent you from practising yoga.


Sanne Boeken

Can’t or don’t you dare train anymore because of a (long-term) injury or illness? Looking together for the right way that fits you well so you can move again with pleasure and confidence is my challenge.” After completing her studies in equestrian business administration in 2014, Sanne was looking for something that suited her better. Through her passion for sport and the need to help people, she ended up studying physiotherapy. In addition to her work as a fitness and group exercise instructor, she did the physiotherapy training at Thim van der Laan in Nieuwegein. In recent years, in addition to general physiotherapy, she specialised in the treatment of oncological patients and completed the oedema therapy training. Besides her work as a physiotherapist, she is a personal trainer at SportCity. Motivating people, learning the right technique and dealing with limitations and finding a solution for this is what Sanne likes most about her profession. 


Fysiotherapie Bruin Waleson works closely together with sports school SportCity, location Wibautstraat and Waterlooplein, general practitioners, Mensendieck therapist and a midwife’s practice. We also provide medical supervision for the men’s selection of football club DVVA.

During the treatment period we exercise under supervision in the fitness; after the treatment period you can make use of a special subscription at SportCity.



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