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Oncological physiotherapy

If you have to undergo, or have undergone, (severe) cancer treatment, it is useful to maintain your condition. Research shows that it has many advantages to follow a specially developed training programme during and after cancer treatment. Many people like the idea of being able to work on their own recovery.


People who train with a specially trained physiotherapist during cancer treatment maintain their fitness and have fewer complaints of nausea, fatigue or pain. People tolerate the chemotherapy better and have a lower risk of stopping the treatment prematurely. In addition, people return to work faster and for more hours after treatment.


Major advantages of training after medical treatment are a faster recovery of fitness and strength, a faster recovery of fatigue and people can pick up their daily activities faster. All in all, there are many demonstrable advantages of training under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist, who ensures that the quality of life improves or is maintained.


In our practice, Sanne Boeken specialises in oncological physiotherapy. She is part of the Onconet. The Onconet is a network of physiotherapists who are specialised in guiding oncological patients. Physiotherapists who are part of this network have been specially trained to give training to people during or after medical treatment for cancer. They know what effect cancer (treatment) has on the body and what limitations you may encounter. The network’s mission is to offer high-quality and accessible physiotherapy guidance in maintaining or regaining fitness for patients with cancer.


Through our cooperation with SportCity we have perfect training possibilities to fulfil this mission.


What can you expect?

Under the guidance of Sanne, you will follow a tailor-made programme which consists of a combination of condition training and strength training. She will also give you advice on how to work on your condition at home in a responsible way and to stay as active as possible.