Fysiotherapie prakijk Bruin Waleson | Geen wachtlijst, snel terecht!



If you experience problems with the musculoskeletal system in movement or posture in your sport, work or daily life, we can help you with physiotherapy.  The physiotherapist will make a careful analysis of your symptoms after which a clear diagnosis will be made. We do not only focus on the location of the complaint but look at the body as a chain of movement. For example, it may be that shoulder complaints arise from a poorly functioning vertebral joint. Then, together with one of our physiotherapists, you will set a goal that focuses on your needs and the treatment plan will be discussed with you.

We believe it is important that you understand where your symptoms are coming from, therefore treatment will always start with a clear explanation of the cause of your symptoms. The physiotherapeutic treatment consists of a combination of mobilizations, exercise therapy and other additional interventions. In addition to the treatment itself, we give preventive advice and information to prevent the recurrence of complaints.

Home treatment:
If you are unable to come to one of our practices for treatment, we can treat you at home at the request of the family doctor or specialist.