Fysiotherapie prakijk Bruin Waleson | Geen wachtlijst, snel terecht!


Running is good for body and mind. We believe it is for everyone, provided it is done responsibly and effectively. We can help!


At first glance, running seems like a simple activity. However, there is no sport where the same movement is repeated so often. If something goes wrong in this movement pattern, an injury is quickly lurking. In practice, this unfortunately happens regularly. A common misconception is therefore: ‘running is bad for your joints’ or ‘running is not for me’. A lot of scientific research shows that running makes for strong and healthier muscles and tendons, is good for bone density and has positive effects on joint cartilage. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and has significant mental health benefits. With the right preparation, training and aftercare, running is for almost everyone.

Specialising in rehabilitation and prevention

Physiotherapists Daan and Thomas are keen runners themselves. Because of their love for the sport, they have specialised in rehabilitation and injury prevention through various courses and training. They do this with an extensive intake, physical (functional) examination and, if necessary, a very detailed running analysis.

So are you running with an injury, unsure about certain aspects during your workouts or have questions about running injury prevention? Then make an appointment soon.